P o r c e l a i n - T s u j i

Mr. Saijiro Tsuji arrives to Argentina in the year 1921, he settles in Buenos Aires and begins working as agent of a Japanese company engaged in the import of bazaar products, with offices all over the country.

After 31 years of devoted efforts, and after having performed a detailed analysis of the needs of the market, in 1952 Mr. Saijiro Tsuji creates his own company in the city of Ministro Rivadavia, Buenos Aires province, with the only purpose of producing first class items.

Nowadays, Porcelana Tsuji is a leading company in the fine dining field, being the supplier of the best hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in Argentina.Porcelana Tsuji manufactures a wide range of products, and offers the customer a different line for each occasion, making a real home out of your house.

• Premium: for those unforgettable moments, the premium line comes out perfectly.
• Casual: Porcelana Tsuji, which is as elegant as it is beautiful, is right for everyday occasions.
• Gourmet: for everyday use, without having to give up pleasure and elegance in every of
your meals. Porcelana Tsuji makes setting the table entertaining rather than a chore.

Porcelana Tsuji makes of quality and distinction a lifestyle..

Porcelana Tsuji a porcelain manufacturing company, with a completely Argentinean capital stock, which products are worldwide known.

This implies the commitment and responsibility to preserve the brand’s prestige, by manufacturing internationally competitive porcelain and by constantly developing lines and designs in order to suit international vanguard trends.